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How To Apostille Birth Certificates

how to apostille birth certificates

In Massachusetts, there are two methods for obtaining an apostille on a birth certificate. It’s always a question of what will be accepted by the receiving nation. Countries like Germany, Japan, Morocco, India, and Italy, for example, are more likely to accept a copy of the official birth certificate than the original or exemplified version. What are your options for doing this task on your own? Most notaries in Boston MA won’t know what to do with your birth certificate copy to start the apostille process correctly, because authenticating papers isn’t one of their authorized functions.

How To Apostille Birth Certificate in Massachusetts

Not only does Apostille & Notary Services have the required affidavit stamps to certify your birth certificate, but we also provide an ironclad acceptance guarantee that your birth certificate will be approved or your documents will be reprocessed and submitted for free. We can handle your “Apostille Birth Certificate Massachusetts” for only $129.95, allowing you to concentrate on getting your visa, Power Of Attorney, or EU driver’s license.

Why Should I apostille My Birth Certificate?

There are many reasons why a foreign country will request an apostille on your birth certificate.  The most common reasons are:

  • Dual Citizenship
  • Marriage
  • Distribution of Assets/Inheritance
  • Long Term Visa
  • New Job
  • Continue Education
  • Legal/Court Matters

Most states will accept original birth certificates.  The only exception is the states of Virginia and Wisconsin.  Birth certificates issued from these two states should be issued within the past 12 months. To complete your apostille service in Massachusetts with our company, you will need to:

  1. Book Service Here.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Submit the original copy of your birth certificate either in person or via UPS or FedEx to our office.

We can help you process apostille applications in all 50 states, MA and NH have a faster turnaround time because we walk the applications to the respective offices, hence receiving the apostille quicker.

Why Hire Us

We provide fast Apostille service for Birth Certificates issued from all 50 U.S. States including Birth Certificates issued by the Secretary of Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Because of the unique requirements of each State, we recommend that you mail to our office the original or a certified copy issued by The State Registrar or local County Clerk.  In some States, the certificate will be issued by the Court, Health Department, Province, Township, or Parish.

Some States require Birth Certificates to be issued within the past 12 months.  If your Birth Certificate is lost, damaged, or older than what the State will accept, we recommend that you order a new certified copy by visiting

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